MCX Gold Commodity Tips For Today 18 July 2011

Posted by Naresh Tomar on Monday, July 18, 2011

MCX Gold Tips :- Gold has reached a new record. On MCX, gold prices have been above 23150 per ounce. International market due to a rise in gold prices in the domestic market has been strengthened. Comaks $ 1600 per ounce on gold prices have reached record levels. Given the poor global economy, investors around the world have increased the trend to gold. 6 times in 10 years gold returns to investors. The 6-month return of 20 per cent have the gold. Experts say that the gold rally will continue. Therefore, gold can be invested for the long term.

Gold Commodity Tips For Today From the perspective of 6 months

Gold Sell - 23 800, stoploss - 24500, Target – 20500

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