Today MCX Bullion Gold Silver and Crude Oil Trend 16'Feb'12

Posted by Naresh Tomar on Thursday, February 16, 2012

Today MCX Bullion Gold Silver Trend :- Gold and Silver has seen decline in International Market. Comex Gold is trading at $1724 with 0.23% decline while Silver is trading above $ 33 with 0.28 decline. However In the Domestic Market Gold was at closed at Rs. 28162 with rise and Silver closed at Rs. 56300 with 0.23% up on Wednesday.
MCX Gold and Silver looks weak today. MCX Gold is light  down at Rs 28 146. However, silver fell 0.25% to Rs 56 155.
Today Crude Oil Trend :- Domestic Market Crude Oil is continues to boom. MCX Crude Oil is trading at 5027/barrel with 0.25% up. However in International Market Crude Oil is down. Nyse Crude Oil fall 0.5% however Crude Oil price emains close to 102 /barrel.

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